Det Krimminal Præventive Råd - Noahs svære valg
Lukas Graham ad for AIO app
Jubilæums Thy Pilsner
Pitch for a job - a landing page
Fruit juice from Thisted Bryghus
Small lowbudget video ad for
Duracell campaign material
Tuborg presentation
Mick Øgendahl micro site
Coca cola light presentation
IPA for Thisted Brewery
Shaka Loveless video - dengang du græd
Jack & Beer
LFP campaign
3d of shop and instore options
3D of our future house
Klumben video - mit hjerte for Cheff records
Christmas beer calender
Music video for the artist Wafande and Universal
Signature line
Christmas Bock for Thisted Brewery
Coverart for the artist "Karen" & Universal
4 Pack for Baltic Porter beer
10 Retro Sodapops for Thisted Brewery
100% Organic juice from Thisted Brewery
Comedy Aid teasers
package design made for Jou Jou
Ekstra Bladet video preroll
Package design in 3d for Thisted Brewery
Lie'ge the third in a belgian series.
4 Beers packaging
Two all organic beers from Thisted Brewery
Coverart for the artist "EM" and Universal
Co Brew Corpus made for Thisted Brewery
Once upon a time on the beermarket
Limfjordsporter 25th Anniversary Campaign
Brewery of the year 2015, '16 and '17
3 American inspired beers - Beer label design
From this - to that. Beer ad
PATO coverart for Universal music
Brugge and Gent Eco Beer made for Thisted Brewery
Drawing & building our new house - Work in progress
Photo and coverart - Blå Nætter for Humble Rec
Rum N Beer is the second in a series of two
Logo design
The Comedian Linda P - cover
Worl Cup Beer'ish
Beer label and package design for Thisted Brewery
Spring beer design
St. Nicolaus trappist beer. Design for Thisted Brewery
Honey and Vulcano beer for Thisted Brewery
Signs for a for a Comedy Club in Copenhagen
Limfjordsporter liquorice design for Thisted Brewery
Celebrating 30 years with "Myrica Gold Beer" Campaign
3 UK inspired beers - Beer label design
IPA & BBA beer label design
Rollup displays for Thisted Brewery
PATO - EP Record
Beer label - Christmas beer - Thisted Brewery
FBI Comedy website
Photo and coverart - Blå Nætter for Humble Rec
Pato Sibenhaar coverart for Universal Music
Louis Nielsen presentation made for Clearchannel
Beerlabel design for Thisted Brewery
Beer label
Logo design presentation
Print and digital add for beer upgrade
Beer labels made for Thisted Brewery and Coop
Gold beer label
KEN professional cusine
Kristoffer Rahbek cover for Universal Music
Naomi Cover for Badbuddy records
Gillette outdoor
Cover for Kaka
Christmas show poster for FBI denmark
3F presentation and model for final work
Covers for Universal - Kristoffer Rahbek
Clearchannel airport site
Logo designs for two in one Company
Logo design for Thisted brewery
Beerlabel design for Thisted Brewery
Karen cover for Karen and Universal
Emilia cover for Universal
Cafax website presentation + add artwork
EM cover for Universal Music
Logo for Sound studio
Clearchannel webdesign and presentation
Simon Talbot poster for FBI denmark
Tuborg Christmas beer - coating
funny logo for band
Christmas poster for FBI denmark
New design for chewing tobaco packages
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